Trout Unlimited WV

Coty Perry

Trout Unlimited WV has three primary missions; conserve, protect, and restore. The goal is to conserve the trout population, whether that be rainbow trout or brook trout, and protect them from overfishing and harvesting. They then strive to protect all types of trout by implementing relocation, research, and cooperation with local partnerships. 

While we love writing about the latest trout lures and trout rods, our ultimate goal is to restore the fish population back to what it once was so that generations can continue to enjoy fishing for trout in their local waters. 

There are many reasons why all of us here at chose to acquire the Trout Unlimited WV website but the number one reason is their dedication to the cause. We take fishing regulations and conservation very seriously and we think all of us have a role to play in preserving the fish population and caring for our waters. 

We stand by the WVCTU mission and support the very important job they do. Trout Unlimited WV has seven chapters scattered across the Mountain State and more than 1,500 members dedicated to monitoring, assisting, and improving the waters that these trout call home. 

This mission is made possible through the following acts: 

  • Advocating for native and wild fisheries 
  • Researching and collecting data from water and fish samples 
  • Improving the fish habitat so the population can thrive
  • Stocking with fingerling to help provide fish with nutrition
  • Relocating of invasive species that threaten the population 
  • Community education activities to teach everyone about the fish
  • Cooperation with local partnerships and federal agencies 

The end goal of this project is that everyone will be able to enjoy trout fishing without having to threaten the population or create issues that may result in a poor experience for generations to come. We all have an important role in fish conservation and the WVCTU specializes in education above all else. 

As anglers, we all have a role in water conservation and protection, we’re out there every week fishing the waters and it’s up to us to report when we see that something isn’t right. In many cases, the anglers understand more about the water than the local authorities because we spend so much time on it. This is where an everyday angler can get involved by reporting unusual fish activity. Some of this might include: 

  • Unusually quiet fish activity
  • High quantity of dead fish in the water
  • Abnormal smells or colors coming from the water
  • Large numbers of unlicensed anglers

All of these can be signs of changes in the water and potentially foul play from professional fishermen or harvesters that come with the intention of soaking up as much of the fish as they can. It’s up to you to report this type of information to local conservation authorities. 

This is what Trout Unlimited WV has set out to do. Educate people, help them understand their role, partner with powerful people in the industry, and make a real difference in our local water so we can continue to enjoy the many pleasures of trout fishing for years to come. 

If you’re interested in getting involved, Trout Unlimited WV has a large calendar of activities that happen all throughout the year. You can strap on your fishing waders and join in on the fun while also making a tremendous impact on the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams in beautiful West Virginia.

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