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Who We Are is here to make fishing more accessible. When you walk into a pro shop and see everyone looking at gear as if they’ve been doing this every day for 20 years, it’s intimidating. It’s hard to go up and ask someone for a recommendation or advice. We want to take away this fear and intimidation and help people get into the sport.

Mission is here to make fishing more accessible

How we work

We research the options. See what others are saying, and make our purchasing decision from our years of fishing experience


We aim for our articles to be concise yet informative. Every article draws on a part of the fishing knowledge we have accumulated over the years


If jargon or complex terminology is used, we break it down for our readers so it’s simplistic and easy to understand


We’re a website built by anglers for anglers. We’re your friends and family


It’s our job to demystify all the jargon and lingo that’s in the fishing world and help people find what’s best for them