Haswing Trolling Motors Review: An Extensive Guide For Purchasing a Haswing Trolling Motor!

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Whether you’re looking to add an inexpensive trolling motor to your bass boat or your fishing kayak, the Chinese manufacturer Haswing has you covered. They manufacture bow mount and tiller handle trolling motors for the average angler.

During our Haswing Trolling motor reviews, we cover everything from what we love to what we believe needs improvement and what you need to know before purchasing a Haswing trolling motor.

Continue reading to learn why we rate Haswing Trolling Motors a 7/10 as a whole for inexpensive trolling motors!

Overview of Haswing Trolling Motors

Overview of Haswing Trolling Motors

Haswing has produced trolling motors for over 25 years for anglers and travelers alike. Their electric motors power inflatable boats, kayaks, and other small fishing boats. They manufacture four different models that each offer advantages to an angler.

Before we dive into the different models, there’s something we must make clear. While searching for Haswing trolling motors on Amazon, you might stumble across Aquos Haswing Cayman, Aquos trolling motor reviews, or Aquos Haswing trolling motor reviews.

Aquos doesn’t manufacture trolling motors. They are a distributor for Haswing trolling motors, and that is why you will see their name associated with Haswing electric motors.

Now that the confusion is cleared up let’s get to our Haswing trolling motor reviews!

Haswing Cayman Trolling Motor Review

The Cayman is a bow mount trolling motor with two variations; the Cayman B and the Cayman GPS with Anchor mode. The main differences between the two are price and GPS capabilities. The Cayman is the only Haswing GPS trolling motor available. Each has the option for a wireless foot pedal.

Cayman Black & White

Haswing Cayman Black & White


  • Inexpensive
  • Freshwater and saltwater corrosion resistant
  • Multiple power options: 12-volts or 24-volts
  • Multiple shaft lengths: 48", 54", 60"
  • Two control options


  • Not GPS compatible
  • Wireless remote randomly disconnects

Cayman GPS With Anchor Mode

Haswing Cayman GPS With Anchor Mode


  • GPS Capabilities
  • Multiple power options: 12-volts or 24-volts
  • Multiple shaft lengths: 48", 54", 60"
  • Two control options


  • Wireless remote control randomly loses connection.
  • Very little info on how to operate the GPS functions
  • Only compatible with the Helmsman app on your phone

Haswing Osapian Trolling Motor Review

The Osapian is an inexpensive tiller handle trolling motor. It is available in 12 or 24-volts with 30lbs, 40lbs, 55lbs, and 80lbs thrust options. The voltage will determine the pounds of thrust you can get out of the motor—the Osapian trolling motor mounts to the transom with two hand-tightened bolts.

Haswing Osapian Trolling Motor


  • Collapsable and fully adjustable steering lever
  • LED Battery level indicator
  • Freshwater and saltwater corrosion resistance
  • Variable speed setting with five speeds forward and three speeds reverse
  • Inexpensive


  • The 80lb thrust only has one shaft length option.
  • The shaft is cast aluminum, so it will bend and dent if struck

Haswing Protruar Trolling Motor Review

The Protruar is a transom mount hand control trolling motor that’s the next step up from an Osapian. All five variations are tiller handle brushless trolling motors, which are even quieter than the Osapian model.

The handle is not collapsable like the Osapian handle, but it is adjustable and offers step-less speed control to set the exact speed you want to be going.

Protruar Brushless Motor

Haswing Protruar Brushless Motor


  • Inexpensive brushless motor
  • Quiet
  • 12-volt or 24-volt
  • Freshwater and saltwater
  • Auto-propeller cutout in the event of a collision


  • The motor will continue to run if the throttle safety pin is pulled out
  • One shaft length of 35."
  • Not available on Amazon

Protruar Brushless Motor w/ Gearbox

Haswing Protruar Brushless Motor w/ Gearbox


  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Prop-clutch/breakaway running prop
  • Freshwater or saltwater
  • Folding handle for maximum comfort


  • Only 24-volt
  • Only one shaft length of 40."

Protruar Brushless High-Performance w/ Magnetic Kill Switch

Haswing Protruar Brushless High-Performance w/ Magnetic Kill Switch


  • Brushless motor
  • Extendable and foldable handle
  • Freshwater or saltwater
  • 12 and 24-volt power options
  • Magnetic kill switch


  • Noisy for a brushless motor
  • The magnetic kill switch is in the place of the prop-clutch

Protruar H 4.0 / Ventura T 5HP

Haswing Protruar H 4.0 / Ventura T 5HP


  • Fresh and saltwater capable
  • Brushless motor
  • Stepless speed control
  • Foldable handle
  • LED battery meter


  • Different names on Amazon vs. manufacturers website
  • One shaft length of 28."
  • One power option of 24-volts

Protruar B

Haswing Protruar B


  • Rechargeable lithium battery included
  • Brushless motor
  • Freshwater and saltwater
  • Foldable handle
  • Equivalent of a 6HP gasoline outboard


  • Not available on Amazon
  • One shaft length of 27."

Haswing W20 Trolling Motor Review

The W20 is a bow or stern mounting tiller trolling motor. You can turn the lower unit 180 degrees to adjust for your preference. It’s extremely affordable because it doesn’t have many features, and it keeps the features simple. The W20 or Haswing 12V 20LBS Bow Mount Trolling Motor as it’s called on Amazon, was designed to be lightweight and portable.

Haswing W20 Trolling Motor


  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Stern or bow mount
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Very affordable
  • Freshwater and saltwater suitable


  • Only 20 lb thrust
  • Only two forward and reverse positions
  • Under a different name on Amazon
  • Limited features and options

Consider These Four Things Before Buying a Trolling Motor

No matter your budget, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying trolling motor. Less expensive trolling motors rarely have all of the following qualities. However, they should have at least one of the following.


It’s no secret that noises spook fish. That’s especially true when it comes to a noisy trolling motor. You want to get the quietest trolling motor you can to give you the best chance possible at landing more fish. Brushless motors have set a new standard for quietness, and that’s why the high-end trolling motors only use a brushless motor.

Ease of Use

Trying to figure out how to operate a complicated electric motor will ruin anyone’s day on the water. That’s why a trolling motor should be simple. Most budget-friendly trolling motors lack the features that often make operating a trolling motor complicated.

Battery Life

Running out of battery for your trolling motor can turn a good day bad or a bad day worse! A good trolling motor will last you an entire day or more of operation. However, trolling motors that are more budget-friendly tend to use more power faster than the more expensive high-end trolling motors.

Standard Features

The best trolling motors are decked out with features that make operating a trolling motor easier, more fun and give you the best opportunity to catch more fish. Depending on the trolling motor you purchase, budget-friendly trolling motors often make you choose one or two of the many features that come standard on high-dollar competitors. Features like GPS anchor mode, integrated sonar, brushless motor, and breakaway mechanism all come standard on high-end models, whereas, Haswing offers some of these on a few different models.

Features & Benefits of Haswing Trolling Motors

Haswing trolling motors offer many features and benefits to an angler. The main problem is they never group all the best features and benefits into one unit, which forces anglers to choose between which features they need most and the features they’d like to have but can live without.

Brushless Motor

The Haswing Protruar series are the only trolling motors that have brushless motors. Brushless motors are much more quiet and efficient than traditional motors. So it would be nice to see Haswing extend brushless motors to the rest of their products, especially the Cayman series.


The one thing that Haswing has done well across their entire lineup of products is ensuring they are portable. This is especially great for kayak anglers who have to remove their trolling motor to load their kayak and haul it down the road.

Haswing trolling motors are portable because they often fold to be more compact and lightweight, and the Cayman series has a quick-release bracket and a carrying handle.

Multiple Power Options

While not all the Haswing trolling motors have multiple power options, several models do so you can determine how much thrust you want to get out of your motor. Fewer the volts, the less thrust you can generate. So a 12-volt battery will give you less thrust than a 24-volt battery.

Multiple Shaft Lengths

Not every boat is the same distance from the water to the bow and stern, so we need different shaft lengths. This can be critical for kayak anglers with a bow mount trolling motor.

If the motor is too tall, you could break a rod on it, lose a monster fish because you can’t correctly set the hook, or run the motor aground because you have to run it so deep to avoid it.

Purchasing the correct length of the shaft is essential. You can determine the size you need by measuring the distance for the bow or stern (depending on where you’re going to mount it) and then giving yourself another foot and a half for adjustment. Generally, you want the lower unit less than a foot in the water.

Unless you’re in choppy water, then you might need to go deeper.

GPS Capabilities

Having GPS connected to a trolling motor changes the way every angler fishes. Whether it’s using spot-lock or following a path marked out on your electronics, owning a GPS trolling motor can increase your chances of putting more fish in the boat.

The only Haswing GPS trolling motor is the Cayman GPS. Sadly it does not integrate with other brands of electronics or sonar, so you must use the Helmsman app to use the anchor mode feature. This feature is inconsistent, so hopefully, they will come out with an update that fixes the main issues.


Another feature that most Haswing trolling motors have in common is that they are versatile. Meaning they can adjust to make you comfortable while you operate the trolling motor.

The Haswing models are freshwater and saltwater suitable, so you’re not limited to freshwater like some brands.


Haswing competes with every trolling motor brand on price. They lower their costs by manufacturing their products in China and shipping them to the US and offering fewer features per model. We would love to see Haswing make a trolling motor with all their best features on it and see at what price they would offer it.

Social Proof

As we researched all of the Haswing trolling motors, we stumbled across many people who had good things to say about them and only a few slightly negative responses. Here’s what someone said about the W20-

Several people were pleased with their Osapian purchase-

However, it’s not all positive reviews for the Haswing GPS trolling motor-

We understand no product is perfect, but we believe there is room for improvement for Hawswing, and clearly, we’re not the only ones who think that way.

Alternatives for Electric Trolling Motors

If you’ve concluded that Haswing trolling motors aren’t for you, don’t fret; there are several other options!

Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels have several trolling motors priced similarly to Haswing electric motors. The main features they currently lack the GPS functions and the option to control the motor with a remote control or foot pedal.

If you want to dive deeper, check out my Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Review.


Watersnake Trolling Motor

If you need a bow mount electric trolling motor with foot control, check out Watersnake's lineup of motors. While they are still missing GPS capabilities, they have many trolling motors in the same price range as Haswing.

Minn Kota

Minn Kota

Minn Kota was the leader of the trolling motor market for decades until Lowrance and Garmin joined and took trolling motors to an entirely new level. Minn Kota has a few models that will compete with Haswing. They offer more features that have been time-tested but at a slightly higher price.



Another trolling motor brand that's worth mentioning is Motorguide. They often compete with Minn Kota in the mid-range trolling motor arena. However, they offer budget-friendly models with which Haswing must contend.

Final Thoughts

Haswing trolling motors are an excellent inexpensive option for any angler looking to add a simple trolling motor to their boat or kayak.

However, don’t expect to have the performance or features of higher quality trolling motors like the Lowrance Ghost or the Garmin Force because Haswing fails to put all of its best features into a single model to compete with the mid-range or high-end trolling motors.

In our Lowrance Ghost review and Garmin Force review, you can see the incredible features of high-end trolling motors yourself.

If you still have questions after reading our Haswing trolling motor reviews, don’t hesitate to leave them below in our comments section. We love hearing from you!

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    Hello I have a Haswing Cayman white 12 volt 600w, 55lb thrust,bow mount with remote #s on mount are 50736120-WV0119050753…the head unit got broken (the bottom half and the hoke that is bolted to the shaft). I have sent email to Haswingoutdoor.com several days ago for replacement parts if available but haven’t received anything yet. I you got a phone # or know a better way to contact the company…my name is Harry at 252-560-5087,email: [email protected] thanks for for help in advance

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    1. Wesley Littlefield
      Wesley Littlefield

      Hey Nolan, it depends on how long you want to use it between charges.

      For several years, I used one very similar to the Mighty Max 12v 35Ah, it’s inexpensive but should last you a full day of fishing if you’re not full throttle everywhere.

      I wrote an article on choosing the best trolling motor battery if you want to learn more.

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