The 15 Best White Bass Lures for Hybrid Bass Fishing

Coty Perry

Hybrid bass and white bass often feed aggressively in larger schools. Therefore, the best lure for bass are those that cast easily and are compact. 

These two species are so similar that you can use most lures for both successfully. They’re also found in similar spaces, so it is often expected for an angler to hook both species during the same trip. 

Of course, there are many lures that are company and suitable for white bass, also called sand bass. However, that doesn’t mean that they are all the best. Some are absolutely better than others. 

Below, we reviewed 15 of the best white bass lures to increase bites. 

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail 


Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail 

We highly recommend this rooster tail for most white bass fishing. This white rooster tail can be utilized for many different purposes.

It’s a great general lure that can also be used for other species, making it a good option for those that fish for many different species, including walleye.

This lure works particularly well for white bass. It has a spinning action and pulsating tail to help attract fish – and these features do a very good job of getting bites. 

We found the body to be quite durable. It should last for many fishing trips to come. It is a bit expensive for a lure, but its durability may actually save you money in the long run. 

Zoom Bait Swimming Super Fluke JR


Zoom Bait Swimming Super Fluke JR

This lure is much cheaper than other options. However, they aren’t going to last as long. Therefore, they’re cheaper up front, but the cost can quickly add up. 

You can use this bait on just about anything. You can use it on an offset hook or even on small spinnerbaits. Plus, we love that this bait can be found just about anywhere. It’s readily available and usually in stock. 

This bait resembles the baitfish that white bass typically eat, making it a good option for catching them nearly any time of the year.

Because this bait can be used alongside other lures, it’s much more versatile than other options.

Plus, this lure is more durable than other soft baits on the market. If you decide to choose a soft bait, this is one of the best options. 

Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig Head


Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig Head

Jig heads are extremely common, versatile lures. They work well on bass, as well as tons of other fish. If money isn’t an option, we recommend investing in this soft fishing lure. 

It works very well for areas with ledges and drop-offs. However, even if your fishing area isn’t on the edge of a drop, moving this jig along the bottom mimic’s how white bass typically find their prey. 

Use this bait near the bottom of the lake or pond to attract white bass. The pack comes with several different colorations, so you can experiment with which one works best for you. 

Bomber Lure Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure 


Bomber Lure Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure 

Crankbaits are easily one of the most popular lures for catching bass. There are so many different options on the market that it can be difficult to choose just one, though.

Overall, this Bomber lure is the best crankbait. 

It comes in several different sizes, allowing you to choose the best option for your current fishing conditions.

Smaller lures are better for shallower waters, while larger ones are often better for deeper areas. We recommend using this lure when the bass are feeding easily and during shad runs, which occurs during the spring months.

This lure also comes in many different colors. We do recommend the white one particularly, as it provides more contrast in most bodies of water.

White bass like shiny things, and the white option is the shiniest. 

Sumo Spoon


Sumo Spoon

White bass don’t always respond well to spoons. However, there seems to be an uptick in spoon responses when the fish are spawning.

This tiny spoon mimics a school of minnows and shad, which white bass do eat during this time. We highly recommend trying this lure out during spawning season. 

We love that this spoon is versatile. You can use it alone or rig it with a weight (which will help it reach deeper waters where white bass tend to hang out).

Plus, with an extra prong, this spoon is much more likely to stay attached to the fish. 

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow


Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow

Minnows are a common bait for white bass. If you don’t want to re-purchase minnows every trip, you can utilize one of these “permanent minnows” instead.

Most white bass respond well to this lure, as it resembles their natural prey. 

This minnow is very brightly colored with ultra violet. Therefore, it is very reflective in the water, attaching more bass. The hook is super-sharp, and the body material is durable.

It works well for those that want to use the same lure over and over again. 

Johnson Rattlin’ Beetle Spin Chartreuse

Johnson Rattlin’ Beetle Spin Chartreuse

This jighead is lightweight and works well in any sort of water. You can use it when the water is very clear, as well as when the water is filthy. This jighead is extremely small. It works well for small bass. 

We also found that you can utilize it for other species of fish. For instance, it works very well for panfish, too. 

If you tend to fish for smaller species in general, this jighead is a great option. 

Rat-L-Trap Lures Tiny Trap

Rat-L-Trap Lures Tiny Trap

The Tiny Trap lures have been around forever because they work. This shad-style lure can be utilized for a wide range of different species, including white bass. 

This lure has an interior rattle that makes lots of sound while in the water. Therefore, it entices more bites. It also has realistic paint. 

This lure is a bit more expensive than others. You’ll be paying twice the price as some of the cheaper lures. You can use it over and over again, though.

You may actually save a bit of money in the long run. 

Eurotackle Z-Viber

Eurotackle Z-Viber

This lure is cheaper than many, and it comes in many different shades. It also has a rattle inside it, which helps it attract bites.

It is fitted with a high-quality hook and 3D eyes to make it more lifelike. It works best when trolling. 

You can use this lure to catch many different species, including panfish, bluegill, perch, and salmon. Of course, it also works for smallmouth bass like white bass. 

This lure isn’t as durable as other options, though. Therefore, you may have to purchase it more often. However, it is cheaper, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

Crappie Magnet Fin Spin Kit

Crappie Magnet Fin Spin Kit

This lure type is a bit unique. It is weighted, which makes it a bit like a jig. It also has the spinning behavior of a spoon. It has a realistic movement, helping attract more bites. 

We highly recommend using it along river bends. However, it also works well on ledges and drops. Its weighted action is specifically great for white bass, as they tend to feed along the bottom. 

Strike King Square Bill 1.5 Crankbait

Strike King Square Bill 1.5 Crankbait

This crankbait is another one that works well with white bass, especially when they are in shallow waters. It doesn’t have any internal rattle unlike other options on this list. 

The square bill design makes it “wander” with slightly erratic movements, while still running true.

These features add together to make this lure work very well for most white bass (and a wide variety of other species, too).

This lure can dive from three to six feet. Most white bass swim along the bottom. It works best in shallow rivers where the bottom isn’t much more than six feet away. 

Berkley Powerbait Soft Bait

Berkley Powerbait Soft Bait

This lure is great for bottom-feeding fish that eat minnows, like white bass. It can be utilized as a bottom bouncing rig, and it moves in a pretty realistic manner.

We’ve found that it works very well for white bass for thai reason. 

The eyes are 3D, and the color is very realistic. Therefore, it tends to attract more bites than other lures. 

You can also use it for fish that feed in a similar manner to white bass. For instance, panfish, crappie, and trout fall into this category. 

Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure

Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure

We don’t typically recommend topwater lures for white bass. These fish will sometimes bait near the surface. It works well to have topwater lures on hand just in case.

In this case, this lure is easily one of the best options on the market. 

This lure is designed to call a lot of attention to the water surface. It can draw the attention of fish from pretty far away, making it a pretty good option for most anglers.

The double hook also helps ensure that the fish is actually hooked when it strikes. 

Fly Fishing Kit Assortment 

Fly Fishing Kit Assortment 

This assortment of flies can work well for white bass in some situations. There are many flies that white bass eat. Having a fly fishing kit can help you catch white bass when they’re hanging out near the surface. 

Of course, this lure works best when you’re using the correct fly fishing technique. If you master this technique, then this assortment of fly fishing lures provides you with plenty of options. 

Not all flies work in all cases. Therefore, we recommend having an assortment available (not counting all the ones you’ll end up losing, too).

This kit includes streamers, poppers, and nymphs. 

Metal Blade Baits by JJZS

Metal Blade Baits by JJZS

White bass like shiny things – and it doesn’t get much more shiny than this. With the plain, metal finish, this lure attracts a lot more attention than the fancy-painted blade lures. Plus, it’s cheaper, too. 

All five pieces of this bait are the same. Because white bass tend to be finicky eaters, having multiple options to try out can be useful. This lure kit doesn’t provide you with that option. 

Choosing the Best White Bass Lures

There are several things to consider when choosing a white bass lure. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations. 


White bass prefer different foods at different times. It all depends on what is available during that season. You can get more bites if you choose a lure that mimics what they’re currently eating. Bass are notoriously picky eaters. 

In the winter months, white bass tend to go into deeper waters, where they feed on the bottom. Having lures that sink, such as a spoon or jig, works best.

You’ll want the lure to stay stiller, as white bass tend to be less active. When water temperatures drop, fish tend to be less active, too.

In the summer months, white bass are more active and may come closer to the surface. They may also be found in shallower portions of the water.

You should choose lures that stay closer to the surface, like crankbait and topwater lures. You can also use lures that move around more, as the fish will be more active. 

During bass spawning season in the spring, bass tend to feed aggressively. You can use topwater lures and more active lures during this time.

Often, bass poppers work well in this situation, too. Usually, white bass travel to tributaries in the spring.

lake with a lot of vegetation


You should consider the depth of the water you’re in when choosing a lure. Some lures sink and work better in deep waters, including most reservoirs. 

Other lures stay on the surface. You may be able to use topwater lures in shallow water, as the white bass won’t be far below the surface.

However, if the bass are in deep waters, these lures often don’t work. 

Often, this works similarly to the season. White bass often prefer to stay near the bottom during the colder months.

Even if they’re in shallow water, they aren’t likely to swim to the surface for a snack. Therefore, it’s important to choose a lure that will sink and stay there. 

If there are lots of weeds on the bottom, then a sinking lure may not work well. You may have to use topwater lures and those that aren’t going to get stuck in the weeds. 

angler fishing on a lake near the forest

Your Skill Level

Some lures do require more skill than others. For instance, fly fishing is particularly complicated and harder than others.

If you don’t know how to fly fish, then there may be little point in purchasing fly fishing lures (unless you’re willing to learn). 

Other lures are much easier. Jigs, crankbait, and spinners tend to fall into this category. These lures are great for children, as they don’t particularly require any skill. 

If you’re an adult, though, then you may want to consider a more difficult lure, especially if you’re willing to learn something new. 

Of course, if you have experience with a particular type of lure and you’re good with it, you may have the most success with that type.

Choosing the “best” lure for a white bass that you can’t use properly isn’t going to get you very far. Often, it is best to choose an option that is decent for the species and that you can use well. 

Plus, it’s important to have fun. If you don’t like using a particular kind of lure because it isn’t very fun, then simply choose a different option.

Don’t try to maximize the potential of catching a white bass at the expense of your enjoyment.

If you want to learn a new type of lure, take a look at some of our fishing tips.


Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail works great for white bass. The rooster tail spins and pulsates, drawing lots of attention.

Furthermore, it is versatile enough to be used in many situations. Therefore, if you don’t want a whole kit of lures, this option will carry the day in most cases. 

With that said, white bass can be picky. We recommend having different lures for different situations. It’s particularly important to consider the season you’re fishing in.

What works in the winter simply won’t work in the summer most of the time. 

We’ve included many types of the best lures above, so you should find something for just about any situation. Don’t forget to keep live bait on hand, too.

Like we said, white bass are picky. Having a wiggly grub can help entice them more than a lure might.

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