The 10 Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught (World Record Plus State Records)

Coty Perry

For many of us, largemouth bass fishing goes well beyond a casual past time.

It’s a passion! Some (like my wife) say it’s an addiction.

The ultimate quest is landing the biggest largemouth bass in the world. Isn’t that every boy’s dream come true?

To break the world’s record could be only a dream, but breaking any big bass record is an adventure worth chasing.

22 pounds, 4 ounces – World Record Largemouth Bass

The official largemouth world record was set on June 2nd, 1932 by the legend George Perry. He caught the 22 pound, 4 ounce whopper at Lake Montgomery in South Georgia. The fish comfortably fed his family of six, twice.

#1 George Perry

22 lb 4 oz | Jun 1932 | Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA

The legend named Geoge Perry caught a 22 pound 4-ounce largemouth bass in June 1932. It stands as the IGFA record to this day, 90 years later!

Will it ever get beaten?

On a hot summer day, George was 20 years old when the famous whopper took his bait. Little did he know that his fish would spark a billion-dollar sport fishing industry.

The reliability of how this fish got documented is another reason why this record stands. Details of the event are as amazing as the catch.

We know George was a farmworker. It’s reported he took the day off to go fishing because the weather made it too wet for fieldwork.

After getting such a large bass, serendipity struck again.

George learned about a Field and Stream contest currently in process. He entered his fish and had it officially weighed in. The fish won him the prize, but also secured his place in bass anglers history books to this day!

Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught

Tie for All-Tackle World Record Bass – Manabu Kurita

22 lbs 5 oz | Jul 2009 | Lake Biwa, Japan

It was stunning when a Japanese sportsman was recognized for tying G. Perry’s record. For 77 years, anglers chased after this big bass world record yet, as happy as Manabu Kurita was to catch a record largemouth bass, it would not break the world record.

For those of us wanting to be logged into the history books, you need to have your catch recognized by the International Game Fish Association. This organization is the authority and record keeps of all things regarding fishing. If it is not IGFA, your record can be tainted and suspect.

Unfortunately for Mr. Manabu Kurita, the IGFA rules are quite detailed and strict. The documented rules require any fish less than 25 pounds to be at least 2 ounces more than the current record holder. Not quite a new world record, the girth, and weight make it a record fish.

This 1 ounce means his winning fish does not surpass the 1932 largemouth bass. Instead, he ties George for the winning World Record. This amazing bass created waves of talk in Japan and the regional Asian countries. Meanwhile, in the United States, the legend of the original monster still overshadows all.

#2. Robert Crupi

22 lbs | Mar 1991 | Castaic Lake, California

There are only three men on the books for catching a largemouth over 22 pounds. In just three minutes, Robert caught his whopper using crayfish. Some talked about Bob being born to break the largemouth record. Still 4 ounces short, his time might have passed.

#3. Raymond Easley

21 lbs 3 oz | Mar 1980 | Oak View, California

Talk about impressing your students! On a day when Ray was teaching other less experienced support, he hooked into a 21-pound big fish. He made a serious impact in the bass fishing world by getting his largemouth certified over 20 pounds. Something that took almost five decades to achieve.

#4. Robert Crupi

21 lbs | Mar 1990 | Castaic Lake, California

Robert Crupi began his hot streak of largemouth bass catches in 1990. This giant was the 3rd biggest largemouth recorded by the IGFA. Bob tenaciously chased his trophy for five days, finally getting a hit to remember.

#5. Arden Charles Hanline’s

19 lbs 2 oz | Jan 1989 | Morena Lake, California

A massive 19 pounds 2-ounce largemouth bass caught in the 12-pound-test category. Hanline’s fish landed in winter at Morena Lake in San Diego.

#6. Dan Kadota

19 lbs | Jan 1989 | Castaic Lake, California

Dan, an experienced and proven angular, tried his luck one cold winter day. Putting down a live crayfish to the near bottom of Castaic Lake, he landed a trophy winner. This whopper put southern California on the map as a hot spot for record-breaking largemouths.

#7. Robert Crupi

17 lbs 1 oz | Dec 1990 | Castaic Lake, California

Another magazine-worthy largemouth brought in by Bob. Crupi proved that changing bait can produce a record catches as his fish munched down on a herring jig. A fish story for the ages, Robert fought with his bass for 15 minutes using only 4-pound-line-class.

#8. Cody Pierce

17 lbs | Mar 2000 | Murray Reservoir, California

Young Cody had a passion for fishing. The teen got up extra early that March morning. Cody wanted to get some quality fishing time in before his school day even started. After some success, he thought just one more cast.

To his surprise, he landed a record size fish. Running down to a nearby ranger station, he managed to get in a formal weigh-in before letting it go.

#9. Larry Kurosaki

16 lbs 12 oz | Feb 2009 | Castaic Lagoon, California

Larry liked using fly tackle. In 2009, his technique paid off while working his style on Castaic Lagoon. A little custom minnow fly was all it took to attract a big largemouth, weighing over 16 pounds.

#10. Terry McAbee

16 lbs 9 oz | Mar 1998 | Lake Isabella, California

McAbee proudly shows off his top 10 World Record largemouth. Terry caught his certified winner by using the common rubber worm. Record setters like Terry’s support why some angular swear by artificial worms for luring lunker largemouth bass.

State Records for Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing has evolved to become a big business. We moved a long way from the day when George Perry won 50 dollars back in 1932. For example, Ott DeFoe won $302,000 in a single tournament in 2019.

The excitement of watching and participating in competitions can add new elements to a person’s fishing experience. Earning huge cash prizes as a pro angular can make a person envy such a career. But events can be chaotic and frenzied, so it’s not for everyone.

Yet capturing a state’s largemouth record is more accessible. For pro or amateur alike, it is a source of genuine pride. Can you imagine having your name etched in the record books?

To passionate fishermen, holding a state record is equal to becoming a living legend. See what it takes for your name to get added to the chart below. What’s your current fishing record? Implementing various bass fishing tips can help you land a big one.

Alaska0.5 LbsSand LakeN/A2018
Alabama16 lbs, 8 ozMountain View LakeThomas Burgin1987
Arizona16 lbs, 7 ozCanyon LakeRandall White1997
Arkansas16 lbs, 5 ozLake DunnPaul Crowder2012
California21 lbs, 12 ozLake CastaicMicheal Arujo1991
Colorado11 lbs, 6 ozEcho Canyon ReservoirJarrett Edwards1997
Connecticut12 lbs, 14 ozMashapaug PondFrank Domurat1961
Delaware11 lbs, 10 ozWagamons PondAJ Klein2016
Florida17 lbs, 4 ozUnnamed LakeBilly O’Berry1986
Georgia22 lbs, 4 ozMontgomery LakeGeorge Perry1932
Hawaii9 lbs, 9.4 ozWaita ReservoirDickie Broyles1992
Idaho10 lbs, 15 ozAnderson LakeMrs. M.W. TaylorN/A
Illinois13 lbs, 1 ozStone QuarryEdward Walbel1976
Indiana14 lbs, 12 ozUnnamed LakeJenifer Schultz1991
Iowa 10 lbs, 14 ozLake FisherPatricia Zaerr1984
Kansas11 lbs, 12.8 ozPrivate Pit LakeTyson Hallam2008
Kentucky13 lbs, 10.4 ozWood Creek LakeDale Wilson1984
Louisiana15.97 lbsCaney LakeGreg Wiggins1994
Maine11 lbs, 10 ozMoose PondRodney Cockrell1968
Maryland 11 lbs, 2 ozPrivate PondRodney Cockrell1983
Massachusetts15 lbs, 8 ozSampson PondWalter Bolonis1975
Michigan11 lbs, 15.04 ozBig Pine Island LakeWilliam Maloney1934
Minnesota8 lbs, 12.75 ozTetonka LakeJoseph Johanns1959
Mississippi18 lbs, 2.4 ozNatchez State Park LakeAnthony Denny1992
Missouri13 lbs, 14 ozBull Shoals LakeMarvin Bushong1961
Montana8 lbs, 12.8 ozNoxon Rapids ReservoirDarin Williams2009
Nebraska10 lbs, 11 ozSandpit Near ColumbusPaul Abegglen Sr.1965
Nevada12 lbs evenLake MeadMicheal R. Geary1999
New Hampshire10 lbs, 8 ozLake PotanipoG. Bullpit1967
New Jersey10 lbs, 14 ozMenantico Sand Wash PondRobert Eisele1980
New Mexico15 lbs, 13 ozBill Evans LakeSteve Estrada1995
New York11 lbs, 4 ozBuckhorn LakeJohn L. Higbie1987
North Carolina15 lbs, 14 ozPrivate PondWilliam H. Wofford1991
North Dakota8 lbs, 7.5 ozNelson LakeLeon Rixen1983
Ohio13 lbs, 2 ozPrivate PondRoy Landsberger1976
Oklahoma14 lbs, 12.3 oz Cedar LakeBenny Williams Jr.2012
Oregon11 lbs, 9.6 ozPrivate PondRandy Spaur1994
Pennsylvania11 lbs, 3 ozBirch Run ReservoirDonal Shade1983
Rhode Island10 lbs, 6 ozJohnson’s PondBrandon Migliore2016
South Carolina16 lbs, 2 ozLake MarionP.H. Flanagan1949
South Dakota9 lbs, 3 ozHudson Gravel PitRichard Vierick1999
Tennessee15 lbs, 2 ozChickamauga LakeGabe Keen2015
Texas18 lbs, 2.8 ozLake ForkBarry St.Clair1992
Utah10 lbs, 2 ozPowell LakeSam Lamanna1974
Vermont10 lbs, 4 ozLake DunmoreTony Gale1988
Virginia16 lbs, 4 ozConnor LakeRichard Tate1985
Washington12 lbs, 8 ozLake BosworthBill Evans2016
West Virginia9 lbs, 9.9 ozDog Run LakeEli Gain2001
Wisconsin11 lbs, 3 ozRipley LakeN/A1940
Wyoming7 lbs, 14 ozPrivate PondDustin Shorma1992

Other Notable Records

World Record Smallmouth Bass

David Hayes

11 lb 15 oz | Jul 1955 | Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee, USA

Mr. Hayes is reported by the IGFA to be the world record holder for smallmouth bass. His story is not without drama. When a vengeful dock worker reported that motor parts were put into the fish to make it weigh heavier, his title was initially revoked.

Many years later, an investigation was launched because of ongoing disputes. At 80 years old, Mr. Hayes lived to see his world title reinstated.

World Record Striped Bass

Gregory Myerson

81 lb 14 oz | Aug 2011 | Long Island Sound, Westbrook, Connecticut, USA

Greg has many fans and respected in the industry. His innovations and competitive spirit have allowed him to win multiple tournaments and currently hold two world records. Greg fondly recalls fighting with his 81lb monster, even earning some bruised ribs during the battle.

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    The Arkansas state record Bass is still 17-03. The fish you listed was caught by a childhood friend “ illegally “. He had no fishing license and he caught it on a trot line. He tried to pull a fast one and got caught. The record state bass was caught on Mallard Lake.

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