The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Oklahoma Fishing License

Last Updated on June 2, 2023

Oklahoma is a state full of bass fishing, and even some fishing superstars have come out of the state.

So if you’re thinking of having your next fishing trip in the Sooner State, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve got all the information you need to buy your Oklahoma fishing licenses to get you out of the water sooner. 

Who Needs a Fishing License in Oklahoma

OK Fishing License Requirements

Who is required to have a fishing license in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma residents and nonresidents need a fishing license to fish in the state.
  • A fishing license is not required for those fishing the Red River.
  • Those fishing on Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Area or Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area needs a valid Land Access Permit, unless exempt.
  • Non-resident landowners must buy a non-resident fishing license if they live in another state but own land in Oklahoma.
  • All required licenses or evidence of exemption and a form of identification must be carried while fishing.

Who is exempt from getting a fishing license in Oklahoma:

  • Legally blind or physically impaired persons, accompanied by a companion, may fish without limit.
    Legally blind or physically impaired persons, accompanied by a companion, may fish without limit.
  • Persons under 18 in legal/physical custody of Oklahoma or its agencies and those in a child care facility defined by Title 10 O.S. Section 402 may also fish without limit.
  • During Oklahoma’s Free Fishing Days, all persons can also fish without limit.
  • Patients of a state institution/persons developmentally disabled may fish when accompanied by an attendant/legal guardian or on institutional property.
  • Job Corps trainees with proper ID can also fish without limit.
  • Any person participating in an aquatic education event or clinic sanctioned by the Wildlife Department is permitted to fish without limit.

What Age Do You Need a Fishing License in Oklahoma?

Residents over the age of 16, and non-residents over the age of 14 need a valid Oklahoma fishing license to fish in the state. 


Resident anglers over the age of 16 need a license to fish in Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma residents who are not required to have a license:

  • Residents under 16 years old are exempt from the purchase of a Land Access Permit.
    Residents under 16 years old are exempt from the purchase of a Land Access Permit.
  • Resident owners or tenants, their spouses, parents, grandparents, children and their spouses, and grandchildren and their spouses may fish in private ponds on land owned or leased by such owner or tenant.
  • Resident disabled veterans with 60 percent or more disability are exempt from the purchase of a Land Access Permit.
  • Residents fishing with pole and line, trotline or throw line in streams, natural ponds, and mine pits in their county of residence can use any bait other than commercial or artificial bait, blood, stink bait, cut fish, and shrimp.
  • Residents having a proven disability rendering them nonambulatory and confined to wheelchairs as certified by a duly qualified physician are exempt from the purchase of a Land Access Permit.
  • Oklahoma residents who on the first day of the current calendar year were younger than 18 or 64+ years old are exempt from purchasing an $85 annual Land Access Permit; all nonresidents are required to purchase this permit (no exemptions).


There are a number of instances where someone visiting the state does not need an Oklahoma non-resident fishing license. 

The following non-residents do not need a license to fish in OK:

  • If they are under 14 years old
  • Senior citizens 65 and older who are residents of Texas
  • Under 16 years old who reside in:
    • Alabama 
    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • Minnesota
    • Missouri
    • New Hampshire
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • North Dakota
    • Ohio
    • Texas 
    • Wisconsin

How to Buy an Oklahoma Fishing License

You can purchase your fishing license online or in person from a license retailer. 


Anglers can purchase their license through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation website. 

Local Retailers

You can purchase your Oklahoma fishing license in person from a license vendor, like a tackle shop at a Walmart.

You can find a list of vendors at

How Much is a Fishing License in Oklahoma

ODWC Fishing License
LicenseLicense DescriptionLicense Price
2-Day FishingValid two consecutive days$15.00
5-year FishingValid five years from date of purchase$88.00
Annual FishingValid 365 Days from date of purchase$25.00
Disability FishingFive years from from date of purchase$10.00
Fishing Guide LicenseValid January 1st – December 31st$90.00
Lake TexomaValid January 1st – December 31st$12.00
Lifetime FishingLifetime$225.00
Lifetime Senior Citizen FishingLifetime$15.00
Paddlefish PermitValid January 1st – December 31st$0.00
Youth Annual FishingValid 365 days from date of purchase$5.00
Lifetime Combination Hunting/FishingLifetime$775.00
Lifetime Disabled Veteran Combination Hunting/FishingLifetime$200.00
Lifetime Disabled Veteran Combination Hunting/FishingLifetime$25.00
Lifetime Senior Citizen Combination Hunting/Fishing Lifetime$25.00
Resident 5-Year Combination Hunting/Fishing Valid five years from date of purchase$148.00
Resident Combination Hunting/FishingValid 365 days from date of purchase$53.00
Resident Youth Combination Fishing/Hunting LicenseValid 365 days from date of purchase$19.00
Non-resident Annual Fishing LicenseValid 365 days from date of purchase$55
Non-residnet Six Day Fishing License Valid six consecutive days$35
Non-resident One Day Fishing License Valid one day$15

Lifetime License

grandfather and grandson fishing on a lake

The process of getting a lifetime license in Oklahoma can be done by mail, online, or at the Oklahoma City Headquarters office (1801 N. Lincoln Oklahoma City, OK 73105). 

If you are applying in person, you will need to bring your Oklahoma Driver’s License and your Hunter Education card if you are younger than 30. 

Anglers without a driver’s license can use one of the following as proof of residency in the state:

  • property tax receipts
  • resident income tax returns
  • voter registration card
  • motor vehicle/vessel registrations 
  • other public records which document residency

If you are under 16 years old, you are able to provide the following as proof of residency:

  • Your parent’s Oklahoma Tax Return with you listed as a dependent 
  • Your report card from a school in Oklahoma

You can also purchase a lifetime license as a gift for someone else, but you will still need to be able to prove residency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an out-of-state fishing license in Oklahoma?

An out-of-state fishing license in Oklahoma costs varies depending on the license purchased. However, the Annual Non-resident fishing license currently costs $55.

How do I purchase an Oklahoma fishing license?

You can purchase an Oklahoma fishing license online from the wildlife department website or in person by picking one up from a local vendor.

Does Oklahoma have free fishing days?

Yes, Oklahoma does have free fishing days. ​In OK, free fishing days are on the first Weekend in June.

Final Thoughts

Doing the right thing is its own reward, but if you need extra motivation, remember that buying a fishing license ensures setting a good example for others and helps protect our waters for future generations.

Not to mention, Oklahoma is a beautiful state to fish in, with all kinds of bass just waiting to be hooked.

So, once you get your Oklahoma fishing license, download our bass lures throwing cheat sheet. This download will keep you on top of your game, by always knowing the best lure to throw, no matter where you’re fishing.