60 Fishing Gifts That All Anglers Will Love

60 Fishing Gifts That All Anglers Will Love

Last Updated on December 24, 2020 by Virgil Renfroe

Shopping for the best fishing gifts is a challenge, especially when the angler in your life has everything. What do you get them? 

Chances are you want to get them something thoughtful, useful, and practical to their fishing game. Thankfully, I broke this guide down into sections that will help you shop for each type of angler in your life. 

In my two decades of fishing, at one point or another, I could have used every single gift idea on this list, so I’m sure you’ll find something for your loved one. Let’s get started!


Gifts for Fishermen [For the Serious Anglers]

Fishing Pole Rack

When you’re dealing with someone who has everything, what do you get them? The avid angler in your life needs a fishing gift that will stand the test of time and compliment their personality. This fishing rack and rod holder is made with beautiful wood grain, and it will become the highlight of their garage, basement, or man cave.

De-Fishing Soap

Whether we’re dealing with your husband, dad, brother, son, wife, or neighbor (hopefully not that), the last thing you want is to smell fish all day and night. When you have a loved one who is serious about their angling, they’re not afraid to get a little dirty. Help them clean up with this “anti-fishy smell” soap.

Electronic Fish Scale

This is an awesome gift for serious anglers who catch to keep. If the loved one in your life is out there for bass season with the intention of bringing home dinner, they need an easy way to weigh their fish without having to eyeball it. This hook scale makes it easy and helps prevent them from hurting the fish and suffering fines as a result.

Freshwater Hook Set

When you’re at the end of the road, and you have absolutely no idea what to get the avid angler in your life, you get them something super practical. This freshwater hook set comes with 500 hooks of varying sizes, so they’ll likely never have to buy a fish hook ever again for bass fishing.

Premium Tackle Box

Is the person you’re shopping for one of those people who never seems to need an upgrade on anything? (that would be me) Even when the handle of their tackle box is cracked, most of the drawers don’t close, and there ‘two inches of rust built-up on the box; they still seem to think it’s fine. Hook them up with a new tackle box this year.

Fishing Gifts for Dad

Multi-Purpose Stool, Backpack, Cooler

What better way to show dad how much you love him by getting him a place to sit, somewhere to store his gear, and a cooler for his beer? It really doesn’t get much better than this.


Dads love silly crap like this, don’t they? After a long day of fishing, how could you make the day any more complete? Well, playing an eight hour game of monopoly (fish version) sounds about right!

Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a great gift for the fishing dad who has everything. These will help increase his performance on the water by ensuring that glare and dim light don’t get in the way of his visibility. Fishaholic is by far the best brand for these.

Fishing Tie

Has your dad been naughty this year? Punish him by getting him the gift that keeps on giving, a tie! Just kidding, these ties are fun, and it allows him to take a piece of his loving sport to work, meetings, and….funerals? I guess…. (okay, I’ll stop now)  

Fishing License Plate Frame

Does your dad drive fast? (I know mine doesn’t) If so, maybe you should help others understand why he’s always tailgating and flipping the bird. This fishing license plate frame gets the point across.

Fly Fishing Gifts

HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Knot tying is one of the most difficult aspects of fly fishing, and this knot tying tool helps you do it on the water when you would otherwise struggle. It holds the hook in place, so you don’t drop it or poke yourself.

Complete Book of Fishing Knots

All fly anglers know that knots are critical to fly fishing, and if you don’t know how to tie a good knot, you won’t get the proper cast or action on the fly. You might not need 100+ knots, but why not keep your loved one busy for a while?

Fishing Waders with Boot Hangers

I’m sitting over here wondering why I haven’t bought these yet. These fishing waders are awesome, durable, totally waterproof, and they come with a boot hanger so you can hang them up in the garage or outside to dry out.

Tacky Fly Box

Tacky makes the best fly box, and if the fishing enthusiast in your life is constantly dealing with bunched up flies and spewing out expletives the whole time, you’ll want to get this for them. The Fly Box makes it super easy to keep all your flies organized so you can access them quickly and efficiently.

Fly Fishing Starter Kit

I thought about my dad when I saw this because he always talks about wanting to try fly fishing for the first time, but he never commits. Fly fishing is a bit of an investment for bass anglers because the gear is completely different, so why not get the angler in your life started out on the right foot?

Bass Fishing Gifts

Mystery Tackle Box Bass Fishing Kit

Mystery Tackle Box is such a cool idea for a gift for bass anglers because you never know exactly what you’re going to get. (anyone looking to buy me something this year, leave a comment below, and we’ll get in touch) You can send a care package to the angler in your life and show them how much you care!

Garmin Fish Finder

On a more practical note, if you’re looking to really score some brownie points, get them a fish finder. Garmin makes the best products, and this is a premium option that doesn’t disappoint. It offers vertical and horizontal sonar, so they’ll see that you didn’t skimp at all this year.

Deeper Chirp Sonar

Times are tough, and budgets are tight, I get that. If you’re trying to save a little money, but you still want to get him an awesome fish finder, go with this one. It syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you cast it out to identify great fishing spots and depth changes—the image displays on your phone. This is a great option for fishing from kayaks too.

Yamamoto Senko Worms

If you’re really not sure what to get the bass angler in your life, get them a multi-purpose lure that works in almost all situations. Yamamoto Senko Worms are some of the best bass lures on the planet, and I’m sure he or she will thank you for these; plus, they’re affordable.

Insulated Bait Bucket

Some bass anglers prefer live bait, and if they’re on a long weekend fishing trip, they’ll need a way to keep their live bait alive during that time. An insulated bait bucket with an aerator helps ensure that their bait stays healthy and active, which will increase their chances of success with it.

Ice Fishing Gifts

Fishing Rod and Reel Combo with Guide

If the angler in your life is trying to dive into ice fishing, you’ll want to get them something to get them started. While I never recommend purchasing rod and reel combo “gimmicks” because they stink, I suggest it for ice fishing because he or she may not like it. This will give them the ability to give it a try, and then they can invest money into their gear later.

Ice Fishing Pop-Up Shelter

Ice anglers are nuts. These are the crazies of the fishing world, and many people don’t understand how they do it. (Hi, my name is Coty, and I’m addicted to ice fishing.) Anyway, keeping warm is an obvious challenge with ice fishing, but the key to staying warm is eliminating wind. When you have the right gear, the only thing that gets in your way is wind, so ice fishing shelters help.

Ice Fishing Fish Finder

Ice fishing requires a unique approach and a fish finder is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. This Humminbird is the “cream of the crop” and will have a huge impact on their success on the ice.

Eskimo Auger

Using a hand auger is a start, and it’s a great way to warm yourself up, but a gas auger is a much more logical way to drill your hole. If the ice angler in your life is still drilling holes by hand, this gift will really show how much you care about them.

Arctic Wool Socks

Sometimes less is more, right? Just ask my wife. These socks are great, they’re from Carhartt, and they’ll help keep them warm when they’re out on the ice. You can’t go wrong with something simple and practical!

Saltwater Fishing Gifts 

150pc Saltwater Fishing Lure Kit

Like I said with fly fishing, going from freshwater to saltwater is a heck of an investment. It requires a lot of new gear, new lures, reels, line, and more. Help get them started off right with a saltwater fishing lure kit. Once again, I don’t usually recommend this because the lures are always low-quality,, but it’s a start, and they can expand from here.

Braided Fishing Line

Braided line is usually a requirement with saltwater fishing because it requires a bit more abrasion resistance and durability because the salt will corrode a standard monofilament line. KastKing is a solid brand, and I recommend choosing one of these for your saltwater angler.

Fishing Gripper with Scale

Here’s another one of those gifts that I can’t believe I haven’t bought yet. Something that drives me nuts is trying to get an ornery fish out of the net when they get themselves all wrapped up in it. Tell them to throw their net out and use this instead. Plus, it comes with a scale!

Saltwater Resistant Fishing Pliers

When you’re dealing with saltwater, it requires you to think a little differently. All your fishing tools require extra protection against the elements because the saltwater will corrode each and every piece of equipment you use. If he or she has fishing pliers they use for freshwater, don’t let them use them in salt because they’ll get ruined. Use these instead!

Rod Maintenance Kit

While this might not be the most glamorous gift of all, it’s a practical one that most people will appreciate it. When the angler in your life brings their rod and reel back from the salt, they’ll need to do a little extra maintenance to prevent corrosion and damage to the internal and external components. This rod maintenance kit comes with everything they’ll need.

Fishing Christmas Gifts

3D Fishing Night Light

Is the angler in your life still afraid of the dark? Lighten up their life this Christmas with this super cool 3D night light. All jokes aside, it’s an affordable gift that they’ll likely use for years to come. It’ll look great on a desk at work as well.

Desktop Fishing Figurine

If he doesn’t have enough knick-knacks on his desk already, go ahead and supply him with another one. Remind him all day long what he’d rather be doing instead of work. This desktop figurine is unique because it’s made from real Chinese mud, and it’s handcrafted.

Fishing Tips Book

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a book, right? This isn’t just any book though, it’s 250 awesome fishing tips, so make sure he brushes up on his fishing knowledge before hitting the water again. Just see to it that he doesn’t become so knowledgeable that he doesn’t need us anymore!

“Can’t Work Today” Fishing T-Shirt

Reward him for calling sick into work with a fishing shirt that offers a bit of an explanation. Why work when you can go fishing? When you hand him this shirt, he’ll take it as a sign that he should hit the water soon.

Wooden Fishing Box

I love this, and even though it’s just a box, it’s a cool box. He can put anything in here from change, to keys, to pictures of fishing memories, and so on. The box is durable and well crafted. The possibilities are endless!

Funny Fishing Gifts

Potty Fishing Game

Are you always yelling at the angler in your life to stop spending so much time on the toilet? If so, now you can at least know he/she is being productive in there by practicing their fishing game while doing their business. This game is fun for the whole family, and anglers of all ages will enjoy it!

Funny Bass Boxers

Give everyone a good laugh when he opens up his gift to find these humorous boxers inside. It could go one of two ways, he’ll laugh, make some kind of joke, and move on. Or, he’ll stand up and do one of those “over the shoulder” looks at his butt to see if he gained weight. Either way, enjoy!

Fishing Measuring Shirt

What’s better than a shirt that is stylish, fun, and practical? Nothing, of course. This shirt is super popular with anglers, and if he doesn’t mind having a wet and fishy arm while he’s fishing, he could use it to measure his catch.

Fish Flops

I’ve already shared these with my wife, so I’ll let you know how they feel. When you have no idea what to get the angler in your life, get them these. They’re, of course, a fishing gag gift, but they’re also a way for him to get more attention when walking through the frozen food section at Walmart.

Fishing Cartoon Calendar

How could you top a great fishing joke? How about 365 of them? This fishing cartoon calendar contains a unique and hilarious joke for every single day of the year. The only thing funnier than this calendar is the look on your face each day when he tries to repeat the jokes back to you.

Fishing Gifts for Kids

Fishing Kit with all the Trimmings

If you’re thinking of introducing your kids to the wonderful world of fishing, get them started with this complete kit. It comes with everything, including lures, hooks, fishing bag, and rod with a push-button reel. It’s the perfect gift, and you can continue to expand on this kit for many years.

Lure Starting Kit

When your kid already has a rod and reel, you can help expand their collection with a great lure starting kit. This kit comes with a variety of lures, including crankbaits, jigs, worms, and much more.

Fishing Journal


See their face light up when they open their gift and find their very own fishing journal. Here is your opportunity to create lifelong memories with them and let your kid document the memory so they can look back on all the times you screamed at them for getting hung up on a tree branch.

Youth Freshwater Fish Shirt

Educational, fun, and comfortable. Those are three words I would use to describe this fishing shirt. It covers some of the most popular freshwater fish, so it’s a great shirt to wear when you take your kid fishing because they can try to match their catch to the image on their shirt.


They’re never too young to start learning how to fish, and this toy fishing set is a great way to introduce fishing to your toddler. They can pretend to catch fish in the bathtub or pool, and by the time they’re old enough to hit the water, they’ll already understand the premise of the sport.

Fishing Gifts for Her 

Customized Fishing Lure

Go the extra mile this year and tell the wonderful fishing lady in your life how much you love her. A customized fishing lure is both practical and thoughtful, and every time she’s out on the water, she’ll be thinking of you. Even if she’s not taking it fishing, she can hang it up somewhere and enjoy it.

His and Her Fishing Mugs

For the best fishing couple, this is the gift you want to have. If the two of you have many memories spent covered in fish guts and smelling like the bottom of the pond, you’ll want to get these mugs to enjoy your favorite hot beverage at home.

Womens Rain Jacket

It seems like a lot of fishing gear is designed for men, and that’s unfortunate because I know plenty of female anglers who are nothing to joke about. If that’s the woman in your life, help keep her dry with this fishing rain jacket. It’s made with heavy duty materials, it’s fully waterproof, breathable, and it’s sure to last.

Rubber Boots

Get her some rubber boots to go along with that rain jacket. If the female angler in your life is anything like my wife, she never has the right shoes for the occasion, so make sure to keep her little piggies warm and dry with these high-quality fishing boots.

Fishing Hat

This multi-purpose cap is the perfect choice for the female angler who always has the sun in her eyes. In fact, get one for yourself too because they’re great, stylish, durable, and long-lasting.

Unique Fishing Gifts 

Electric Fish Scaler

Here’s one of those gifts you get someone who seems to have everything else. For serious anglers who are always trying to find better and more efficient ways to cook up their catch, an electric fish scaler will make their lives much easier. Plus, this is an excuse for them to invite you over for a fish fry!

Fishing Seasoning Kit

Remember what I said about fish fry? Up the game a notch and throw one of these in there. This fish seasoning kit comes with a variety of different seasonings that are perfect for fish of all kinds.

Portable Fish Prep Table

I have never seen one of these in my life, but this is awesome. It’s the perfect thing for a weekend fishing trip at a campsite with a water line. You can hook up this portable prep table with the sink to the water line and scale, gut, clean, and prep your catch all in one place without having to worry about having a big process on your hands. I will certainly recommend this to my uncle, who is always rolling around in the dirt, trying to clean his fish.

Flashlight Gloves

I have never seen one of these in my life, but this is awesome. It’s the perfect thing for a weekend fishing trip at a campsite with a water line. You can hook up this portable prep table with the sink to the water line and scale, gut, clean, and prep your catch all in one place without having to worry about having a big process on your hands. I will certainly recommend this to my uncle, who is always rolling around in the dirt, trying to clean his fish.

Multi-Purpose Survival Kit

If you’re searching for something a bit more practical, this survival kit has everything they’ll ever need for fishing, camping, and hunting. Whether it’s a stainless steel pocket knife, multi-tool, flashlight, or paracord; you’ve got it all here.

Multi-Purpose Fishing Gifts

Waterproof Dry Bag

There are few things worse than bringing an under-qualified bag to the lake and getting all the contents inside wet. The worst-case scenario is, you end up dropping your bag overboard, and it sinks, and everything is lost. This waterproof dry bag not only keeps the contents of the bag dry, but it floats as well.

Microfiber Bait Towel

These bait towels are great for wiping down your hands and keeping them clean during a long day of fishing. I recommend buying these for the anger in your life who is serious about catching and cooking the fish they find. These bait towels will provide many clean hands and prep stations for years to come.

Clip-On Headlamp

If the angler you’re shopping for is anything like me, he or she understands the importance of fishing before and after the sun is out. The best fishing occurs in the moonlight, but you need to be safe, efficient, and smart. One way to keep them safe is with a clip-on headlamp that brightens the night so they can better see what they’re doing.

YETI Cooler

YETI is the brand we all know, love, and respect, so get them a YETI cooler to show them how much you’re thinking about them this year. This cooler comes with plenty of space for beer, water, soda, and whatever else they bring to the lake. Plus, it has a comfortable carrying strap that makes it easier to transport.

6-in-1 Tactical Pen Tool

This tool is awesome, and it’s super cheap. It comes with a self-defense tip, flashlight, ballpoint pen, bottle opener, screwdriver, hex wrench, and a gift box, so it’s the perfect choice for Christmas, birthdays, and Father’s Day. If you’re stumped on what to get them, this makes a great stocking stuffer.

Final Thoughts

The best fishing gifts come from a place of education, thoughtfulness, and consideration. The fact that you made it through this gift guide shows that you really care about the anglers in your life. I’m sure you found some great fishing gadgets, unique gifts, and gag gifts on here that will make shopping much easier for you. Whatever the occasion, there’s a fishing gift out there!

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