Best bass fishing rods from St Croix 2020

Best Bass Fishing Rods From St Croix 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Decoding Model Numbers
  3. Mojo Bass Rods
  4. Bass X Rods
  5. Legend X Rods
  6. Premier Rods
  7. Conclusion

A Buyers Guide to St Croix Fishing Rods

St Croix Rods are some of the most legendary bass fishing rods on the water today. St Croix has been developing truly top-of-the-line fishing gear since 1948. Dedicated to a USA first manufacturing philosophy, they are a company that is steeped in their own mythology, but that’s unsurprising when every other professional angler talks about getting their start with St. Croix.

But with literally hundreds of models to choose from, buying your first (or often next) bass fishing rod from St Croix can require a daunting amount of research and testing. That’s why I put together this guide. To help you work through the best bass fishing solutions St Croix offers.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, in addition to my personal recommendations, each family of rods contains reviews and commentaries from other anglers like you. These include the on-the-water advantages as well as limitations.

*A note on reviews* I looked far and wide to find descriptive and well-written reviews that offered useful information for other buyers. They are generally representative (meaning I found a similar sentiment in lots of other reviews), but for advantages, and especially the limitations, remember to include personal experimentation in your process. Reviews can tell us a lot about a rod and a company, but sometimes you just need to hold a rod in your hands to really understand its quality.

Decoding Model Numbers for St. Croix Rods

Model numbers in St Croix Rods uses a simple system to help you quickly identify rod properties and find new products. They follow an order of:

  • Family
  • Type
  • Length
  • Power
  • Action
  • Pieces
Decoding St Croix Model Numbers

So the MJC75MHXF means it is:

MJ {Mojo}
C {Casting}
75 {7ft 5in}
MH {Medium Heavy Power}
XF {Extra Fast Action}

Or the PS66ULF2 reads as:

66{6ft 6in}
UL{UltraLight Power }
F{Fast Action}
2{2 piece}

Mojo Bass Rods

Mojo Rods - St Croix

Originally developed as a high-value budget offering during the great recession, the Mojo Line of fishing rods became so popular that St Croix developed special versions for Muskie and Catfishing. In 2016, St Croix went back to the drawing board to redesign the whole family of rods to reflect their latest technologies.

The result is a high-quality rod where everything from the price points to the actions, graphics and even the color of the rods are designed with the next generation of bass anglers in mind. These rods come manufactured in high-quality SIII graphite or S-glass (for you dedicated crankbaiters), and feature St Croix’s Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) technology to eliminate weakness at rod transition points.

Length6’8″ to 7’11”6’8″ to 9’6″
PowerMedium, Medium Heavy, HeavyMedium Low, Medium, Medium Heavy
ActionModerately Fast, Fast, Extra FastModerate, Fast, Extra Fast
Line Weight10lbs to 30lbs4lbs to 14lbs
Lure Weight1/4oz to 2oz1/16oz to 3/4oz
TechnologyIntegrated PolyCurve Technology
MaterialSCIII Graphite or Super premium, 100% linear S-glass
Warranty5 Years
Price$140 to $160 USD
Mojo Rods Review


  • Advantages:
    • “I picked up a 7′-1” MH a couple months ago. I throw mainly spinner baits, crank baits and chatter baits with it and it handles them all just fine. It has good stiffness allowing confident hook set and stays loaded well with a fish on.” Steve – Indiana 8/17/18
    • “With an extra fast medium rod, you cant lift fish out of the water or whip cast heavy lures.” – Drew
    • “…the MF action is awesome with enough power for a solid hookset without fear of ripping the bait out of the fish’ mouth.” Bob – Wisconsin” 
  • Limitations: **Note** Critical Amazon reviews that mention damaged rods in shipping do indicate that the company was very swift to replace those damaged rods with minimum hassle.
    • “…rod came totally damaged. the rod was not wrapped in any insulation what so ever” – Amazon Review
    • I lost a lot of fish on the hook set compared to a friend with a legend tournament 7′ H” Kyle – Wisconsin


  • Advantages:
    • “Im a Smallmouth angler I do most of my fishing while wading or from land, these rods provide excellent accuracy and castability as well as being verry [sic] strong at the same time sensitive.” – LMRsmallmouthjunkie
    • I have the Mojo Bass Spinning 7’1 MH Power Spin. I love this rod. I use this rod for small mouth. This rod is amazingly accurate. Perfect for casting under bridges, near rocks and under brush near the banks-without over-casting and getting stuck due to precision. – Ben
    • “…Bottom line, if you need/want a new dropshot rod, you won’t be sorry if you grab this MoJo series!!!” – Shark
    • “…Not only is it a dream setting the hook into a 4+ with this rod, but also it makes dinks feel like hogs.” Jack – Minnesota
  • Limitations:
    • “Not a bad rod but again, sensitivity not on par with some other rods in this price range.” Tim – Springfield
    • “The design of the handle and where the tread is, makes this rod uncomfortable for me.” – novibassguy

Favorite St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod: MJC75MHXF – Setting the standard for a versatile and high quality, the 7’5″ St. Croix mojo bass fishing rod really strikes a delicate balance between performance and value. There is a good reason why some anglers prefer 3-4 Mojo rods to 1 Legend. The lightweight but remarkably strong graphite rod and smooth reel seat make for an easy grip that makes casting a breeze and setting the hook a adrenaline pumping delight.

Favorite St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rod: MJS610MLXF – The mojo 6’10” Spinning rod is one of the best inshore rods on the market today. But don’t let that be your limitation. These rods work just as well trolling and with a surprisingly strong backbone, you won’t hesitate to be casting on open water.

Bass X Rods

Bass X Rods - St Croix

St Croix describes this introductory rod series as “…for everyone who is big on bass, but not big on budget.” With this family of rods, St Croix is re-imagining what anglers should expect for a $100 rod.

The family includes 14 models of casting and spinner rods, covering the majority of bass fishing methods and techniques. These rods look good and fish better.

Length6’6″ to 7’11”6’8″ to 7’1″
PowerMedium, Medium Heavy, HeavyMedium Low, Medium, Medium Heavy
ActionModerate, Moderately Fast, Fast, Extra FastFast, Extra Fast
Line Weight8lbs to 30lbs6lbs to 14lbs
Lure Weight1/4oz to 2oz1/16oz to 3/4oz
TechnologyThe Bass X line does not include the more advanced St Croix Technologies
MaterialSCIII Graphite
Warranty5 Years
Price$110 to $120 USD
Bass X Rods Review


  • Advantages:
    • “…I usually throw spinner baits with it and I have been very pleased with it. It has a great back bone but sensitive enough to feel every hit.” Unknown
    • Wow! Love this rod! Super fast tip and only 6’8” long. Can’t believe how light it is! I liked it so much I bought another one” Tracy – Amazon
    • “… It is really sensitive with great tip deflection. It has a soft tip so I can throw 1/4 oz lures fairly well, but it transitions into solid backbone when you hook up.” Patrick – California
  • Limitations:
    • “…actions seems to be a bit lighter than they are rated” Jon – Illinois
    • “Lost the top guide within 3 weeks of buying.” Shawnmg – Virginia


  • Advantages:
    • “Good quality rod especially for the money, good for drop shot or snapping a tube” Scott C.- Amazon
    • “I have the 6’10” and I use it for two things, drop shooting and fishing ned rigs. It excels at doing both! This is an unbelievable value for $100″ John – Pennsylvania
    • “… I use the medium light extra fast with a Shimano Nasci with 8lb fluoro and use it exclusively as a Dropshot rod. Works amazing. Handles 5lb 15oz smallies just fine” – pikenracks
  • Limitations:
    • “…my advice is to get a spinning rod that has a full cork handle” – Brandon J
    • “…rod is too heavy and also doesn’t match the action by power/comparison to my other St Croix’s.”

Favorite St. Croix Bass X Casting Rod: BHC71MHF The 7’1″ Medium Heavy is the most versatile rod in the Bass X line up. Its design is absolutely ideal for bottom-contact applications like a Jig, or Texas Rig. It also works for single-hook moving baits such as smaller swimbaits, spinnerbait, and chatterbait.

Favorite St. Croix Bass X Spinning Rod: BXS610MLXF is my favorite for a budget spinning rod that still performs well with finesse techniques. Its solid SCII graphite design means it can handle a wider range of baits than other finesse rods, and the XF tip means you can always cast the light stuff – and feel it when needed. I also love the handle options in the premier series. The short grip makes it an ideal piece of fishing tackle for kayak fishing.

Legend X Rods

Legend X Rods - St Croix

The king of kings (rods that is) and the heir apparent to the long-loved “Legend” family of rods. It uses the same blank as the Legend Elite, SCV Graphite. Adding a split grip is only the beginning as this rod contains every single technological advancement St Croix has at its disposal.

These technologies bring substantial advantages to the Legend X including increased blank strength under load (FRS, ART, IPC), greater overall sensitivity, and improved casting accuracy (TET) to deliver one of the best performing rods on the market today. It’s for the angler who wants the ultimate in technology, lightweight build, and sensitivity. It’s the ultimate on-the-water advantage.

Length6’8″ to 8’8″6’8″ to 7’1″
PowerMedium, Medium Heavy, HeavyMedium Low, Medium, Medium Heavy
ActionModerately Fast, Fast, Extra FastFast, Extra Fast
Line Weight8lbs to 80lbs6lbs to 14lbs
Lure Weight3/16oz to 2oz1/8oz to 3/4oz
TechnologyIntegrated Poly Curve Technology, Advanced Reinforcing
Technology, Fortified Resin System, Taper Enhancement Technology
MaterialSCV Graphite, Also available in 100% linear S-glass.
WarrantyForever Assurance 15-year Transferable Warranty
Price$420 to $450 USD
Legend X Rods - Review


  • Advantages:
    • “What’s even more impressive, besides the weight and balance, is the sensitivity. This rod is like having underwater sonar. When dragging a 3/8th oz jig I can feel every little thing that my bait encounters.” – Brian – Minnesota
    • “Casts wonderfully. Have been using lighter swim jigs, underspins and finesse jigs. This particular stick would also be great for senkos and flukes. Just an all around superb rod!”
  • Limitations:
    • “…unusually small or short trigger on the handle.” Unknown
    • *Note* The limitation above was the only critique I found of the Legend X Casting rod. The only other remotely negative comment was basically “It’s Pricey…” But I trust that if you choose to invest in a lifetime rod like a Legend X, then you know what you are doing.


  • Advantages:
    • “Love my Legend X. Paired with Shimano Stradic CI4+, super light, ultra sensitive, caught lots Bass with it. Could pass for Heavy action.” Unknown
    • “Jarrett and I were throwing a light soft plastic almost as far as we could throw, getting a bite at the very end of the cast, and in 20 feet of water you could still feel it.” Dan Johnson
  • Limitations:
    • “Wish there were more actions in this line up…” Unknown

Favorite Legend X Casting Rod: XLC71MHXF – The 7’1″ feels like a feather in your hand at 4.3oz, but you will be shocked by the power it brings to your game. With plenty of backbone, outstanding sensitivity, and wonderful casting feel, this top-end model excels when using lighter swim jigs, underspins and finesse jigs. And the 15-year warranty is transferable if you decide to sell. That’s a powerful statement in itself.

Favorite Legend X Spinning Rod: XLS70MF – Besides the legendary St Croix craftsmanship, the XLS70MF series spinning rod is the poster child for what you can accomplish with highest quality components. The integrated technology provides the ideal power for finesse fishing. The stupidly light and strong SC5/SC6 blank responds effortlessly to both pitching and casting presentations and responds with a soft tip that still has a strong backbone when needed.

Premier Rods

The Premier series of rods has been one of the most popular “Built in the USA” rods on the market for over 30 years. With over 30 casting models and nearly 40 spinner models, there is a Premier solution for every age, gender, experience and style of bass angler. They are light, sensitive, surprisingly strong and easy to use for all of your spinner bait, buzzbait, swimbait, and crankbait needs.

Casting Spinning

6’8″ to 7’11” 6’8″ to 9’6″
Power Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy Medium Low, Medium, Medium Heavy

Moderately Fast, Fast, Extra Fast Moderate, Fast, Extra Fast
Line Weight

10lbs to 30lbs 4lbs to 14lbs
Lure Weight

1/4oz to 2oz 1/16oz to 3/4oz

Integrated PolyCurve Technology

SCIII Graphite or Super premium, 100% linear S-glass

5 Years

$140 to $160 USD
Premier Rods - Reviews


  • Advantages:
    • “I like this rod better for the slow bottom work of fall bass fishing. I can feel every stone on the bottom with this and can get some great action off of drop lines and Texas rigs.” Daniel Wolf – Amazon
    • “Its light, good hook sets, lots of feel, and for a reasonable price!” Chili-
    • “The shorter medium action rod kept the bass from diving into the weeds and breaking off. Nice backbone on this rod. The rod and reel balances level on my finger at the face of the reel so I assume this is a well matched setup.” MidMichMan52 – Michigan
  • Limitations:
    • “… rod handle broke while fighting the fish” Larry Marfise – Amazon
    • “The only issue I had was with the top line guides on both rods. Both guides fractured/cracked within 6 months causing my line to fray.” John – Tennessee


  • Advantages:
    • “I was very pleased with the rods ability to cast the unweighted light worm the distance I needed to.” Koiguy48
    • “…Light, Sensitive, and plenty of back bone for setting the hook, even when fishing soft plastics.” larryhunter83
    • “It is light enough to flex and sense all the action but it is strong enough to set the hook on a shiner sunk down 50′.”
  • Limitations:
    • “The action is too light for heavier spoons, so keep the lure weight below 1/2 oz.” CameraBuff
    • “The weakest point on this rod are the guides. I’ve already had to replace two inserts that have come out of their frames. “ DDKZ

Favorite St. Croix Premier Casting Rod: PC66MHF2 If you are not already a casting rod addict, this is the rod that will get you hooked. A versatile workhorse that will take the beating of everyday fishing, you can easily use it for worms, frogs, and spinbaits. Finally, the easy traveling two-piece design retains an extreme sensitivity that’ll make you question your one-[iece casting rods. The Premier is the kind of rod you’ll fish with for years, but feel good about giving to your angling enthusiast kids or grandkids.

Favorite St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod: PS66MF The 6’6″ pole will quickly become your Swiss-army spinner. It has my favorite combination of backbone and sensitivity. With full cork handles that fit comfortably into larger hands, this rod is one of the best rods in the price range. I was also surprised how many anglers have said that they love the Premier rods as flex rods that perform well in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.


Overall, my preference is Legend X series because I am a firm believer in investing in lifetime equipment early and often.

I hope this guide helps you find the St. Croix rod that works for you.

Your bass guy quote

If you bought a St. Croix bass fishing rod after reading this, or even if you just own St Croix rods, leave your thoughts and stories in the comments. Life is always better with a good fishing story.

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